Is it time for some team to take another chance on Antonio Brown? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Antonio Brown deserves another chance. He does. Because Bruce Arians never wanted Antonio Brown on the team. And now Brown is one of the main reasons Bruce Arians is a Super Bowl champion. Funny how all of that worked out isn’t it? Go back to the Buccaneers Super Bowl win two years ago and Brown was great that night. He shined on the biggest stage like he always does on the football field. It’s what he does. If Brown also gets on a team where he’s welcomed and embraced. I think we all know the results we’ll get. The fact is he’s too good to be sitting on the sidelines. He can help some team out there. And because of that teams should be lining up to sign him. He also hasn’t got in any trouble since that sideline incident. So why not give him another chance?

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