Is it time for the Commanders to get a fresh start without Daniel Snyder? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


The Commanders have been a mess. This team has been plagued by scandal after scandal. First it was all of the sexual harassment allegations that happened in the work place. Then Daniel Snyder thought it was a good idea to rip off the league by lying about how much money they were making. And at this point the spotlight is being taken off the players. And the spotlight is being taken off the people who bust their ass to make this whole thing happen. We’re not even talking about the games. We’re not even talking about what’s happening on the field. The focus is always on what’s the latest mistake that Daniel Snyder made. He also ripped off fans by keeping their security deposits. It’s just enough. Washington needs a real leader. Someone that will bring brighter days to Washington D.C. It’s time to turn the page and put all of this behind them.

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