Is Joe Burrow convinced that Baker Mayfield can play? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


So Joe Burrow went on the Nelk Boys podcast. And he was asked what he thought about Baker Mayfield’s situation? Burrow talked about how every time he played the Browns. Mayfield balled out. He said that Mayfield led the Browns down the field on a game winning drive to beat them. And he talked about how Mayfield threw for five touchdowns in that game. Then Burrow added that Mayfield will definitely land on his feet somewhere. Which is funny because five or ten years ago no one would even think about dropping Baker Mayfield. But things started to change when the Cardinals dropped Josh Rosen. Because before then no one would even think about dropping a first round quarterback. Just because there wasn’t enough good quarterbacks in the league. We’re still not there yet. But we’re definitely getting closer. So we’re going to see more good quarterbacks like Mayfield getting the short end of the stick. Burrow is probably right too. Mayfield will probably land on his feet somewhere.

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