Is Pete Carroll waiting for the 49ers to cut Jimmy Garoppolo? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


The Seahawks are ready to pounce on Jimmy Garoppolo. Pete Carroll is holding out hope that the 49ers cut Garoppolo. Because then the Seahawks would get Jimmy G for nothing. And they’d also stick it to their rival. It would also be the perfect way to let the 49ers know they undervalued Garoppolo. That would be a harsh reality for the 49ers. So if the Seahawks want to get under Kyle Shanahan’s skin. Going after Garoppolo makes perfect sense. This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone. Because Seattle has Geno Smith and Drew Lock as their two options. Garoppolo has been way more successful than both of those guys. And If you team Garoppolo up with DK Metcalf and Noah Fant. That’s an offense that could surprise some people. Which is why the Seahawks have Garoppolo on their radar.

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