Is there anything left for Tom Brady to accomplish?

Author: Jon Kuzma

When you go down the checklist. It becomes clear that Tom Brady has done it all. Seven Super Bowls, three MVPs, and the greatest resume this sport has ever seen. Let’s be honest we didn’t need to see anything else from Brady. Despite that Brady has stolen the show again. And he did it by winning his last Super Bowl with a torn MCL. That means Brady was carving teams up on a bad knee. But you couldn’t even tell. During the final couple of weeks of the regular season. At that point the switch had been flipped. Brady wouldn’t be denied his seventh title. Which is what makes him so special. He’s the closest thing we’ve seen to Michael Jordan. It’s their killer instinct which separates them from the pack. For all the great athletes there are in the NFL and the NBA. The two best ever got it done with their mindset. Brady and Jordan’s focus and competitive spirit puts them on the Mount Rushmore of sports. Along with Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, and Michael Phelps. The only thing left for Brady to accomplish. Is to go win number eight.

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