Is Tom Brady living the best life that anyone ever lived? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


It’s hard to top what Tom Brady has done in life. He was the underdog that went on to become the greatest football player of all-time. We didn’t know if we’d see another Michael Jordan in our lifetime. But if there’s anyone that raised the bar like Jordan did in basketball. It was definitely what Tom Brady did in football. So to have that career, a super model wife, and a perfect family. Then to follow all of that up by signing a 10-year $375M contract with Fox Sports. That’s amazing. Brady hasn’t even retired yet and he signed a mega-deal for his next career. One where he’ll serve as the lead sports analyst for Fox. Based on what Brady has done in the past. You can already predict how that second act will go. This guy is living one of the best lives in the history of mankind. And Brady might just be getting warmed up.

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