Is Trevor Lawrence going to be the face of the league someday?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Trevor Lawrence’s first playoff game had a great ending. I know the Jaguars had a slow start. But by the end of that game the pressure was on the Chargers. It’s because of how well Lawrence was able to settle in. It seemed like the throws to Evan Engram woke this team up. Then eventually Marvin Jones came through for a touchdown for the Jaguars. Which gave them the momentum to battle back from being down 27-0. I also think the fourth down play was gutsy too. The Jaguars went with a full-T backfield and ran a buck sweep to Travis Etienne. That was a straight up high school football play. But in the biggest moment. It was the perfect play call. All of those things played a huge role in this win. The legend of Trevor Lawrence is growing too. I think he can be bigger than the face of the Jaguars. I think he can be the face of the league.

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