The Raiders have the 2nd ranked offense and four first round picks in the next two drafts to improve their defense. It’s becoming obvious that Oakland is in better shape than people realize:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Raiders had an absolutely awful start to the 2018 season by going 0-3 before finally beating the Cleveland Browns. The media was starting to turn against Jon Gruden during that time span because of the Khalil Mach trade. However thereā€™s a few indications that Oakland might be turning the corner. The most obvious has been the fact that the Raiders have the 2nd ranked offense in the entire NFL (441 yards per game). Only the Los Angeles Rams are better and thatā€™s this franchiseā€™s new identity under Gruden who happens to be an offensive mastermind. Even though the silver and black are two games below .500 they at least know where they have to improve at. By loading up on defense this off-season Oakland can get back to being a winning football team. Theyā€™ll also have four first round picks in the next two drafts so itā€™s only a matter of time before they have some serious talent on that side of the ball. It also feels like Grudenā€™s ball club will continue to improve throughout these next 12 contests. The negative morale from the Mack trade is starting to blow over and now the guys in that locker room just want to compete. You can almost guarantee that the Raiders will be in several more shootouts or high scoring games along the way. The truth is this front office knew that when they traded their top defender away and the publicā€™s outrage wonā€™t last for much longer. Jon Gruden is going to end up fixing the Raiders and give the fans a much better product on the field. Everyone will look back and think about how much the Mack trade ended up being a good deal for Oakland. Things are definitely looking bright and the black hole will begin to realize that shortly. Until then at least they get to watch Grudenā€™s offense light up the scoreboard.

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It’s becoming obvious that the Oakland Raiders are heading in the right direction. Even if their record doesn’t indicate that yet.

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