It’s the right time to change the Washington Redskins name. It’s also the right thing to do:

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Once again the Washington Redskins are facing pressure to change their name. Most of us know that many Native Americans are uncomfortable with the term Redskin because it was a racial slur against their people. There’s so many changes happening in our country in order to combat racism. And it would make sense if Washington decided now is the time rename the team. With the betrayal that’s been committed against Native American’s it’s the least we can do. You have to remember Native American’s were 100% of the population at one point. But now they’re less than 2%. So because of the suffering they’ve had to go through. If changing the name can help Native American’s feel more comfortable moving forward. Then Washington owes them that support. Especially since they’ve profited off a racial slur since 1933.

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