J.J Watt is the best player on the planet right now:



Photo credit: Scott Miller

J.J Watt will look to build on the success he has had in his past four seasons of NFL action. The Wisconsin native Watt has been outstanding particularly in rushing the quarterback where he was able to sack opposing quarterbacks 57 times during his career. Now entering his fifth season Watt has his focus on being the best defensive player ever. At this point of Reggie Whiteā€™s career (the best pass rusher ever) he had 70 sacks, so Watt at four years into his career is trailing the gold standard of sack leaders in White. Yet Watt also makes an impact in different areas that White didnā€™t. For example Watt has the ability to not only bat a lot of balls down from his lengthy wing span. He also has the ability to judge the ball coming off the quarterbacks hands. Allowing him to get interceptions and even score touchdowns for the Texans as a defender. Traditionally interceptions are taken mainly by defensive backs and linebackers. Watt is revolutionizing the position of defensive end by intercepting passes, batting down passes, and scooping up fumbles left and right. If those contributions werenā€™t enough, last year Watt even lined up on offense as a tight end. Catching 3 touchdowns passes and displaying his ability to be a red zone threat for the Houston offense. There is ultimately nothing that J.J Watt canā€™t do on a football field and there is a reason his peers voted him the number 1 player in the league out of the top 100 players. Another impressive stat to mention about Watt is he put up 20 sacks in a season, twice. The numbers donā€™t lie and the credibility donā€™t lie the guy has been a once in a generation player. But it will take longevity and much production over time for him to go out and claim the title of best defender of all-time. If anyone can do it though itā€™s J.J Watt and that is why he is the best player on the planet right now hands down.



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