With the Jacksonville Jaguars benching Blake Bortles it will be up to Cody Kessler to prove he’s the better option:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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It appears the Jacksonville Jaguars have had enough of Blake Bortles’ inconsistent play. Doug Marrone decided to bench his struggling quarterback and start the former USC standout Cody Kessler. Back in 2016 Kessler had a little bit of success with the Cleveland Browns. In eight starts he threw for 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions which wasn’t terrible by any means. When Kessler was with the Trojans he started for three years and threw for 88 touchdowns. So it’s not like this anything new for the 25 year old but it’s taken a little bit for him to get another shot at being the number one QB. That’s why Kessler has to seize the moment and find a way to hold onto the job. Nothing is going right for the Jaguars either and it won’t be easy to manage the game in those conditions. To make matters even worse Leonard Fournette will be suspended. Which almost guarantees that Jacksonville will lose this match-up because the Indianapolis Colts are on fire at the moment winning their last five contests. Really it’s going to come down to whether or not Kessler can throw for 2 or 3 touchdowns and limit his turnovers? Two touchdowns and no interceptions would let the coaching staff know that this course of action is a viable option. What the Jaguars new starting quarterback (Kessler) is trying to avoid is a meltdown. Truthfully it’s a little bit unfair to Cody Kessler because it’s not a conducive environment at all. That’s life in the NFL though. You’re expected to perform no matter what the circumstances are. Professional athletes get paid a lot of money and they’re supposed to deal with each situation diligently. Some people might see this as Jacksonville throwing Kessler to the wolves but really it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Challenges like this are a chance to surprise the world and cement your legacy.

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The Jaguars are benching Blake Bortles and starting Cody Kessler.

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