The Jacksonville Jaguars will end up firing everyone if they have another bad year. Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin have to earn their paychecks this season:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Jacksonville Jaguars underachieved in 2018 and that led to Blake Bortles being released. Which means Shahid Khan is starting to hold the leaders of the team accountable and Doug Marrone / Tom Coughlin could be next. To make matters even worse this roster doesnā€™t have a ton of talent. Jacksonville probably has the worst wide receivers in the NFL and they wonā€™t help out Nick Foles at all.

Not to mention Coughlin seems to be hurting morale more than heā€™s helping it lately. As a result of that players like Leonard Forunette and Jalen Ramsey are becoming disgruntled (while Tevlin Smith quit football altogether). We saw how low the playersā€™ spirits sank when the Jaguars only won 5 games last season. Thereā€™s zero room for those poor attitudes this time around and that means this ball club has to avoid struggling early on. Momentum is so crucial in this sport and itā€™s hard to battle back when you fall to 1-3 or 1-4 out of the gate. Plus the AFC South is tough right now with the Colts, Texans, and Titans all in a better situation than the Jaguars. Itā€™s going to take a miracle for this franchise to have a winning record and that means Marrone and Coughlinā€™s days will probably be numbered. Out of those two it feels like Marrone will be let go first but Coughlin is just as much to blame because he made a really bad decision by re-signing Bortles only to release him the following off-season. That was a $54M dollar mistake and itā€™s hard to keep your job when you just throw away huge amounts of money. The good news is this team needs to hit the reset button and start over with new leadership. For whatever reason things havenā€™t been going well and it starts at the top. Meaning change could be the best thing that happens in Duval County.

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Jacksonville can’t afford another bad year or everyone will probably get fired.

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