Jacksonville will have their hands full with New England. Especially since they struggled with the Giants last week:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Jacksonville Jaguars barely pulled out a win against the New York Giants last week and thatā€™s not a good sign heading into a match up against the New England Patriots. Even though the Giants have improved quite a bit from a year ago the Patriots are a whole other caliber of team. New England has the greatest quarterback of all-time in Tom Brady and heā€™ll challenge the Jaguars regardless of how strong they are defensively. Rob Gronkowski will also be a tough draw for any linebacker or safety that is lined up against him. So the Patriots have weapons that can go toe to toe with Jacksonville. New England also eliminated the Jaguars in the playoffs last year so this is quickly turning into an AFC rivalry. Jacksonville will have that in the back of their mind when they take the field this weekend. Now if there is any positive for Doug Marroneā€™s team itā€™s the fact that Dante Fowler will be available. Fowler was suspended for violating the leagueā€™s personal conduct policy. That additional pass rusher will significantly bolster the Jags defensive line rotation. Itā€™s not like Fowler is slouch either. The 24 year old defensive end recorded 8 sacks in 2017. Those are the type of plays this group needs to throw Brady off of his game. To be honest though it feels like Jacksonville shouldā€™ve beat the Giants a little bit more convincingly and that has to be a concern. We heard about the the fights that kept happening at this teamā€™s practices and you have to wonder if their culture is turning toxic? That would explain why the Jaguars havenā€™t looked that good to start the season offĀ  because with all the talent they have very few teams should stand a chance against them. If Jacksonville loses against the Patriots look out because there might be some tension brewing below the surface.

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If Jacksonville struggled against the New York. They might really have their hands full against New England.

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