Should we respect Jadeveon Clowney for staying loyal to the Browns? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Jadeveon Clowney could’ve gotten more money somewhere else. But Clowney decided that staying with the Browns was just too important to him. And that’s refreshing to hear in today’s era. We know Clowney really liked playing with Myles Garrett. Those two formed a friendship this past year. Which is part of the reason Clowney found a home in Cleveland. It also helped Clowney have his best season since he left the Texans. So it just goes to show how much your environment matters. The fact remains Clowney was comfortable with the Browns. That’s why he performed better with this team than he did with the Seahawks and Titans. It’s also why Clowney took a pay cut to stick around. It was the right move for him. And everything seemed to be going perfect with the Browns.

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