Jadeveon Clowney is smart for trying to get every dollar he can. It’s his body on the line:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Most fans love a feel good story about a player taking less to help his team. But so many times we’ve seen those same players get injured or cut later on. So you can never be angry with someone who tries to earn as much as they can from their skills. Especially in football because there’s so much risk involved. Jadeveon Clowney probably has several injuries that the public doesn’t know about. And now that he’s holding out and making sure he signs with the highest bidder. That’s a smart move because those resources will help him provide for the people closest to him.

Not only that. We also know that the teams will always do what’s in their best interest. Therefore it’s a business and it goes both ways. We’re finally getting to the point where a lot of these guys are starting to empower themselves much more than people did in the past. And it’s a good thing because without the athletes who are performing on the field. The NFL doesn’t have a product. Clowney knows this and he has plenty of options. He could go back to Seattle in the $15M-$18M range. Or perhaps he’ll go with a team that’s not as successful but willing to pay him over $20M annually. No matter what Clowney does it’s ultimately his decision because he’s the one laying it all on the line. So if it’s money above all then so be it.

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