Jaguars land Malik Jackson and Chris Ivory in free agency:

Photo credit: Bob Levey

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the most cap space out of any team heading into free agency and they are already spending it on marquee players. The Jaguars land Malik Jackson and Chris Ivory and instantly become a contender in the AFC South. Jackson was part of the Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos and was big part in why that defense was so successful. Jackson had 45 hurries and 5 sacks in 2015, showing that he has special skills when it comes to rushing the quarterback. Jackson will also make the Jaguars much better against the run as well and you have to applaud Jacksonville for understanding that the defensive front is key to success. Malik Jackson will reportedly agree to a 6 year $90 million dollar deal and that big payday was enough to lure him away from Denver. Chris Ivory is another big time play that will add to the Jaguars offensive efforts. Ivory was absolutely outstanding for the Jets in 2015. Rushing for 1,070 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns in his final season in New York. Now he will help take the pressure off Blake Bortles by wearing down opposing defenses early and often. Chris Ivory runs extremely hard and is a guy the team can trust with the ball in his hands. When you consider that he will be paired along with Tj Yeldon in that Jacksonville backfield. You begin to realize that the Jaguars have a group of very talented running backs. If you had to grade these acquisitions, youā€™d have to give the Jaguars an A+ this far. Them and the Raiders have made the most noise in early free agency action. They still have a lot of cap room and could easily land a few more good players before the signing period ends. Things are certainly looking up in Jacksonville Florida.

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