The Jaguars are right where they need to be but a win over the Chiefs would really uplift their confidence. Blake Bortles needs to prove his worth in that match up:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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One of the biggest in game battles to watch out for this weekend will be the Jaguars defense against Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been the leading candidate in the MVP race up to this point and Jacksonville has the best defense in the league. While those two sides are heading for a collision course the other key factor in this game will be what does Blake Bortles do? Weā€™ve been having this same question over and over again but this is a real test for the former 1st round selection (Bortles). Patrick Mahomes has the potential to put on a show for the Chiefs and if Bortles struggles then fans are going to see how much of gap there is between both players. Therefore Blake Bortles needs to rise to the occasion and prove he can be the guy he was last year in the playoffs. To make matters even worse Leonard Fournette will be out of the lineup with a hamstring injury and that means the passing game is even more crucial. Dede Westbrook, Keelan Cole, and Donte Moncrief will have to make plays when Bortles comes their way. Kansas Cityā€™s defense is one of the worst groups in the entire league and thereā€™s any opportunity there to produce at least 30 points. If Bortles can get to that magic number the Jaguars are going to win this game. Really thatā€™s going to be the bar for the Jaguars offense for the rest of the season. Obviously not having Fournette hurts those efforts but T.J Yeldon his stepped up in his absence. However Bortles has only thrown for 7 touchdowns in 4 contests and when you only average 1.75 TD passes per games thatā€™s not enough. Mahomes on the other hand averages 3.5 touchdowns per game (14 TDs in 4 games). Which proves Bortles is still somewhat of a weak point and heā€™s got to shed that label in big moments like the game this weekend against the Chiefs. His reputation and future with Jacksonville could depend on it.

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The Jaguars are right where they need to be. Their 3-1 with a chance to take down the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

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