Jalen Ramsey is one of the NFL’s rising stars. He will be a household name soon if he keeps making plays like he did against the Bills:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Jacksonville Jaguars Cornerback Jalen Ramsey is an exceptional talent and now everyone is witnessing first hand what kind of an athlete this guy is. Ramsey sealed the Jaguars wildcard victory over the Bills by intercepting a Nathan Peterman pass. It’s play like that which will help raise your profile in the National Football League and now the Steelers have to think twice before throwing Ramsey’s way. Turnovers are so key in this sport because the team that commits more usually ends up losing the game. Ramsey knows how to sit on routes perfectly and that often puts him in favorable positions. There’s a reason the second year defensive back has 6 interceptions over his first couple of seasons. It’s because he has a knack for making big plays and Jalen Ramsey isn’t afraid of going toe to toe with the best of them. If you don’t remember early on in the regular season A.J Green and Ramsey got into a fight. That’s because this kid doesn’t back down and now we know why everyone was so high on the former Florida State defensive back when he was coming out of the draft. It’s because there are so many different phases to his game, Ramsey can play press or bail techniques. The young defender also does a good job of making plays whether it’s man or zone coverage. When you have a player with that kind of consistency, who can constantly locks down one side of the field. That is always going to be someone who is coveted in this league and the Jaguars made a splash when they brought Jalen Ramsey on board. It’s not hard to see that Jacksonville’s future is bright because of all the young talent they’ve stockpiled. Now the Jaguars are one of the hottest up and coming teams around.

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