Jamal Adams ripped the New York Jets for having a “bare minimum” mentality:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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New York Jets defensive back Jamal Adams has only been through one NFL season but he’s already had enough of his team’s approach to the game. Adams recently ripped the Jets in a Bleacher Report interview basically accusing his teammates of just going through the motions. While at first it seems like Adams is wrong for going this route when you actually read his statements you can understand why he is so frustrated. Adams wants to come in and change the culture of New York and it’s good that this organization has at least one player who takes things seriously. If the other 52 guys can rally around Adams and elevate themselves as well the Jets could rack up a couple more wins. It’s funny that Adams is taking this leadership approach because Jarvis Landry just did the same exact thing with the Cleveland Browns. Both of those guys are former LSU players so we know they’re cut from a different cloth down there in Baton Rouge. One thing is concerning about Adam’s comments though and that’s the fact he didn’t record a single interception last year. Adams was actually showed up by Marcus Maye who was the other safety New York drafted in 2017. Which means in order for Adams to be the vocal leader of this ball club he’s going to need to produce a little bit more on the field. In the NFL you can’t carry the franchise on your shoulders unless you’re one of the best players. It’s a little concerning that Jamaal Adams spoke out before actually becoming the Jets top defender. His mind is in the right place but he’s not quite there yet when it comes to being the face of Gang Green. Adams should leave that role up to Leonard Williams until he really establishes himself. Hopefully something positive comes from this though and maybe New York can move past their lackadaisical methods. So really these comments were a catch 22. Adams is right for trying motivate the other players in that locker room but he should’ve waited before trying to take on so much responsibility.

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Jamal Adams wants to change the New York Jets culture but we’ll see if he is going about it the right way? The Jets need a new mentality.

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