Why Jared Goff is undoubtedly the number 1 pick in the 2016 draft:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With speculation building up about who will be the number pick in the draft later on this month. It must be noted that most analysts are suggesting that Carson Wentz should be the number 1 pick in the draft. While Wentz will likely be a phenomenal player in the NFL someday, Itā€™s Goff who should get the number 1 selection April 28th in Chicago. Goff threw for 43 touchdowns and 4,719 passing yards in 2015 at the division 1 FBS level. When you compare that to Wentzā€™s 17 touchdowns and 1,651 passing yards at the Division 1 FCS level (formerly Division 1 double-AA) the true tale of the tape begins to unfold. Goff was playing against talented Pac 12 opponents, while Wentz was taking on less talented Missouri Valley Football Conference opponents. Goff still managed to put up double the production that Wentz put up and when you compare those factors you begin to see why the Los Angeles Rams should go with Jared Goff number 1 overall. Every spring we have a few players that blow us away at the combine beyond their actually skills on the football field. As good as Carson Wentz has looked at the combine, it just feels like when the pads are on and weā€™re actually playing contact football. Goff will be the guy who rises to the occasion and handles himself the best. The guy (Goff) has been a better quarterback than Wentz his entire football career if you go back and trace the steps. At the high school level, Jared Goff holds every single passing record that Marin Catholic high school has. Goff threw for 40 touchdowns his senior year of high school and was a stellar quarterback. Wentz didnā€™t finish his high school career with any school records, his brother Zach Wentz held all of those. So when you go back and you see that Goff was better in high school, and Goff was better in college. What makes you think that Carson Wentz would emerge and be better as a pro? Itā€™s very unlikely that will happen and itā€™s really quite easy to see that Goff is the best quarterback on the board.

*Note- Wentz was injured last year and that lead to his poor 2015 stats. Still injuries are a part of the game and a scout should consider that another knock against Wentz.

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