Jarryd Hayne has proven he deserves to be a National Football League player:


Photo credit: Tim Napazzi

Former Rugby stand out Jarryd Hayne has proven he deserves to be a pro football player. The twoĀ time Rugby League Player of the Year has been exceptional in his limited role with the Forty Niners and seems deserving of a promotion. That shot may or may not come with the Forty Niners but if he doesnā€™t make that team there may be other teams out there that will bid on Hayneā€™s service. Almost every time Hanye touches the ball he is almost guaranteed to make at least one defender miss. In last nightā€™s Niners preseason game against the Cowboys. Hayne had an exceptional outing returning 3 punts and netting returns of 27,34, and 23 yards. Another notable stat in Hayneā€™s favor is the fact that he is currently second in the preseason in rushing yards with 117. Showing that he has the vision, acceleration, and open space moves to succeed as a running back in the league. Everyone praised his abilities on the rugby field and it was debated whether or not he could make the transition to this level. Well itā€™s safe to say that Hayne is nearly as dynamic on the football field as he was on the Rugby field. His stop on the dime shiftiness has caused experienced NFL defenders to whiff on tackles. An impressive feat for player who is participating in his second football game ever. Yes thatā€™s right his second football game at any level. Hayneā€™s has never played pee wee, middle school, high school, or college football. Instead relying heavily on the fundamentals he gained during his time in Rugby and learning American Football on the fly. Itā€™s safe to say that this guy has exceeded everyoneā€™s expectations and the Forty Niners should do the right thing and give him a shot. If not some other team in the league surely will.



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