Jay Ajayi shines in his Eagles debut while the Dolphins lost to the Raiders, Gase’s seat starts to warm up:

Photo credit: Joe Amon / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Miami Dolphins decided that trading Jay Ajayi was the best move for their team moving forward and then the Dolphins lost to the Oakland Raiders. Meanwhile Jay Ajayi was rushing for 77 yards and 1 touchdown in his Eagles debut proving to be a potent weapon for the Philadelphia offense. Maybe the most impressive thing about Ajayi’s big day is the fact that he only had 8 rushing attempts and averaged 9.6 yards per carry. Those stats are through the rough and now Miami has to watch their former running back excel for the best team in football. The fans in South Florida were visibly upset with the Dolphins decision and a number of them expressed their frustration with signs knocking the trade. Which brings us to the next point which is the fact that Adam Gase is going to be on the hot seat if this choice doesn’t pan out for the best. Even though Miami went to the playoffs last season and took a huge step forward. All of that means nothing if Gase starts to lose the locker room and fan support. It’s usually wise for an organization not to focus on what the public thinks but at times those external factors can play a role in a coach’s demise. Owners want the energy and the culture surrounding their teams to be positive. You cultivate that kind of aura by making good strategic moves. Losing Jay Ajayi doesn’t help the Miami Dolphins and he was certainly a fan favorite. That’s a double negative against Gase’s ball club and expect Ajayi to roll with the high flying Eagles offense. Which will leave a sour taste in the folks of Miami’s mouths for some time come. The only thing that’s going to help the Dolphins out is by drafting some good players with the draft picks acquired for Jay Ajayi. However a winning season would have gone a lot further than that.

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