Jay Cutler is undecided when it comes to retirement, he did tell the Dolphins he won’t return unless he is the starter in 2018:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Miami Dolphins have had a lackluster year and it could get even worse this off-season if Jay Cutler decides to retire. While the Dolphins do have Ryan Tannehill returning from an ACL tear there’s no telling how long the former starting quarterback will take to heal? Not only that but Cutler has over 100 more passing touchdowns than Tannehill has so there’s a big gap in experience between the two signal callers. Miami might have struggled this season compared to last year but that’s largely due to the fact that the team as whole was worse off. Offensively Adam Gase’s team was ranked 28th this year compared to 24th last season. On the defensive side of the ball Miami actually improved from the 29th defense to the 18th rated defense but that hasn’t translated into wins. Those stats might seem counter productive to Cutler but remember Ajayi was lighting it in 2016. The offensive line was a little bit better with Brandon Albert still around too so those factors are definitely looked over. To be fair there was a point early on where Cutler was struggling when he initially came out of retirement. Most of that was due to the rust he was shaking off but there’s no doubt this guy is the better option for Gase in the future. Tannehill isn’t the answer and it just feels like this offense will get more out of Cutler’s throw power. Especially if the veteran quarterback comes back and has another year of continuity under his belt. The passing game is about rhythm and timing which means the QBs / receivers have to on the same page. That can take multiple seasons to achieve and Cutler should be much better the second time around with Miami. Dolphin fans are acting like life would be better without Jay Cutler but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s just the one that’s getting scapegoated for all of this franchise’s problems.

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