Jets land Ryan Clady to replace Dā€™Brickashaw Ferguson:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The New York Jets didnā€™t waist much time when it came to replacing 3 time Pro Bowler Dā€™Brickashaw Ferguson. The Jets traded forĀ Ryan Clady today formerly of the Denver Broncos to help replace their departing left tackle. Clady is actually a 4 time Pro Bowler and is 3 years younger than Ferguson. So in some ways the team could be better off, however it must be stated that Ferguson was an absolute iron man when it came to not missing any playing time. So much that Dā€™Brickashaw Ferguson only missed one snap during his entire professional career. While on the other hand Clady has been sidelined with injuries for a whole season in the past. Still when the two are healthy, Clady will usually be the better option. The gamble with Clady is clearly on the health side of things and as long as there is no issues there. This should end up be being an outstanding pick up for the New York Jets. Clady will come in and likely fill Fergusonā€™s spot at the left tackle position and the front office has to be hoping that Clady will be blocking for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The former Jets starter has yet to re-sign with this team and if something doesnā€™t happen shortly. The Jets might have to find another player to lead their football team at the quarterback position. Landing one of the marquee quarterbacks in the draft might by a solution to the Jets problem but the team would be better off with Ryan Fitzpatrick than they would with a rookie. Regardless of who is blocking up front, Fitzpatrickā€™s veteran presence giveā€™s the team the best chance to succeed. Fitzpatrick has taken his lumps in the league and knows what it takes to win in the National Football League. Landing a guy like Clady should help Fitzpatrick understand that the team is committed to protecting whoever their quarterback is, but at the end of the day that deal is about money. Give the team credit they didnā€™t take a step back by losing Ferguson and not having a player to plug in the vacancy. They only gave up a 5th round pick to trade for Clady as well. So overall it was a good deal for the Jets.

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