Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo will be the top quarterback options for teams looking to acquire a quarterback this off-season:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo will be the best options available for teams looking for a quarterback this off-season. The Denver Broncos have already expressed their interest in acquiring Tony Romo and that makes you wonder if Denver would go after Garoppolo? The one thing about going after Romo is he might actually be cheaper than Garoppolo. Romo is 36 years old and only has a couple of seasons left in him at best. Garoppolo on the other hand is 25 years old and looks poised to lead a franchise full time. The Patriots would definitely be reluctant to give the Broncos Jimmy Garoppolo because both teams are in the AFC and Denver could be a threat to New England with Garoppolo. Therefore if New England were to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to Denver it would definitely be at a very expensive price, just Belichick feels like he still way out in front of Denver. The other 2 teams who could be in the market for a quarterback are Buffalo and San Francisco. Buffalo and San Francisco were ranked 30th and 32nd when it came to passing the football. Those type of numbers aren’t good enough and maybe adding a signal caller through free agency would give this team a personnel boost at the quarterback position. Especially San Francisco where they are absolutely desperate for some good momentum and quality quarterback play. Garoppolo and Romo will be the big off-season stories as we head towards free agency and the draft. We will see who makes a move for these 2 players and what they are willing to get up to get the deal done? Last year we seen the Texans hand Brock Osweiler a huge contract and then he let the team down. So keep an eye on whether or not Romo and Garoppolo are able to outperform the Osweiler output. What teams these 2 players end up on will have a big impact on that outcome.

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