Is it the right time for JJ Watt to ride off into the sunset?

Author: Jon Kuzma


I think it is. JJ Watt had a hell of a career. He was one of the greatest players we’ve ever seen. You think about how physical he was throughout those years. It puts him up there with Lawrence Taylor, Aaron Donald, and Bruce Smith as one of the best defenders ever. Watt has been really good this year too. It does make you wonder if he should keep going? But in this sport it’s usually better to get out a little sooner than a little later. Watt has dealt with a lot of injuries throughout his career. The toll on his body has been massive. Which means he’s got to start thinking about life after football. And when you’ve played at such a high level like JJ Watt did. You don’t hang your head. Because you walk away knowing you left it all out on the field.

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