John Dorsey wants to put the best team on the field he can and that’s why the Cleveland Browns decided to sign Kareem Hunt:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


The Cleveland Browns shocked the football world when they decided to sign Kareem Hunt to a one year contract worth $1M dollars. That was surprising because Hunt was released from the Chiefs after a video surfaced of a women and him getting into an altercation. While that video wasn’t nearly as bad as the Ray Rice incident it’s clear why Dorsey made this decision. Dorsey actually drafted Kareem Hunt when he was the General Manager of Kansas City (before he was fired and joined Cleveland). So it’s obvious that it was one of his guys but make no mistake about it this was about one thing and one thing only and that’s winning. Dorsey wants to put as much talent as possible on the field and really make a splash in 2019. This acquisition is about putting his stamp on the roster and making sure Baker Mayfield has a solid ground game to lean on. From a football standpoint it’s a genius move because Hunt was well on his way to a huge payday which would’ve been over $10M dollars annually. The question is can Kareem Hunt keep himself in check and avoid anymore problems in his personal life? We know now that he tends to get into trouble and that’s unfortunate because he’s such a great player. Hopefully all of this was a lesson for Hunt and he makes some improvements in his life. There’s still time to turn things around and become a better human being. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but this can’t happen again. If Kareem Hunt straightens himself out and keeps dominating on the football field then he’ll have the world in his hands again before we know it. This is just the first step and we’ll see what type of role he plays behind Nick Chubb? Those two could wind up being one of the better one-two punches in the league.

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John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns know they’re much better off with Kareem Hunt on the field.

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