Should Johnny Manziel face discipline for his latest incident?


Photo credit: Erik Drost

Author: Joey Carr

When the Cleveland Browns selected Texas A&M standout quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, they more than likely knew of the baggage that came with that selection. Manziel was a known playmaker but was also had the persona of a party boy, which he furthered proved during last season’s antics. It was pretty much known around the league that whoever drafted Johnny Football was taking an uncalculated risk, with the upside being a franchise quarterback and the downside being Manziel was just another talented kid that liked to party more than play football. Well, about a year and a half into Johnny’s career, and he’s seen the rehab almost as much as he’s seen the playing field. However, many thought his first stint in rehab this past offseason changed Manziel for the better, and it seemed that way for a while, up until this past week.

On Monday of last week, the Browns quarterback was nearly arrested by police after witnesses called in saying he and his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, were fighting aggressively on the side of the highway besides Manziel’s car. Not a fistfight per say, but Crowley did say to authorities that Manziel pushed her head into the car window. All of this wouldn’t be that bad if it was just two young adults arguing over something stupid, but alcohol was involved. Every superhero has their weakness; for Superman it was Kryptonite, for Pete Rose it was gambling, and for Manziel it seems to be alcohol. It was probably the main reason he went into rehab and he was on a strict no-alcohol policy as a result of that rehabilitation. But as it looks like right now, alcohol was once again involved in another one of Manziel’s public incidents. According to local police, there was not enough alcohol in Johnny Football’s system for him to arrested, but the fact still remains that there was probably some ingested. On the outside, all of this is very normal; a couple goes out, has a couple drinks with some friends, leaves, then gets into a fight on the ride home. You see it everyday. However, the Cleveland Browns specifically asked the former Heisman winner to stay out of the spotlight, drink no alcohol, and do his job, which is playing football. Obviously, Johnny had a lapse in judgment, had another run in with police, and is now possibly facing discipline from the NFL. The question is, should he be disciplined?

In short, yes. It’s time for Johnny Manziel to learn that there are consequences to his actions. There’s no doubt that Manziel has all the talent and athleticism in the world, but it’s being wasted on late nights and poor decisions. If you’re taken with the 22nd overall pick in an NFL Draft, you obviously have the qualities necessary to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but the former TAMU quarterback has only started a handful of games, and is currently looking like he’ll be a backup for the rest of the year and maybe even beyond that. The time has finally come for Manziel to be punished and see that just because you have talent, doesn’t mean that you get a starting position handed to you on a silver platter. Maybe this will be the time that Johnny Football gets his act together and proves to the world that the nickname he dons is indicative of his performance.

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