Josh McDaniels decides he won’t take the Colts head coaching job now Indianapolis will have to find another option:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Patriots did everything they could to prevent their offensive coordinator (Josh McDaniels) from skipping town. Apparently Bob Kraft has made some off the record promises to McDaniels and the rumors seem to be that McDaniels will be New England’s head coach once Bill Belichick decides to retire. If you don’t remember it was the Colts who reported the Patriots for Deflategate so it’s very possible Kraft made sure one his brightest coaches didn’t go to the franchise that caused him a lot of grief. The other factor for McDaniels’ change of heart seems to be the fact that he doesn’t want to pull his kids out of school in the Boston area. That’s an honorable reason to stay and then the Patriots made the deal even sweeter by giving the former Broncos head coach (McDaniels) a pay raise. The early indication seems to be that he’ll make as much money working as New England’s offensive coordinator as he would had he taken the Colts head coaching gig. Really this is a huge win for Bob Kraft though because it shows how well respected he is within this organization. McDaniels agent Bob LaMonte even said pulling out of the deal was one of the most foolish moves professionally. However Kraft still worked his magic and kept the band together for at least one more season. Now to be fair Matt Patricia still left the staff to go be the head coach of the Detroit Lions. Make no mistake about it though keeping McDaniels around is big win for the Patriots and we all know Tom Brady has a lot of respect for his offensive play caller. Even though Brady was seen shouting at McDaniels on the sidelines this past season, that’s just because they had an in game disagreement. Those two have worked together for a long time and Brady’s 505 yards in the Super Bowl proves their cohesion is better than ever.

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