Will Josh McDaniels regret trying to split up Davante Adams and Derek Carr?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Josh McDaniels is in for a rude awakening. What he just did was political suicide. Because now the Raiders are jeopardizing their relationship with Davante Adams. Which is too big of a piece for them. In order for the Raiders to be successful in the long term. They need to have a great relationship with Adams. I don’t know if that’s possible after how all of this just went down. It feels like Josh McDaniels is getting ready to bring Tom Brady in. But if Davante Adams isn’t all in. Then does it even matter if Brady is there? I could make a strong argument that the team would be doomed from the start. Because the trust in that locker room is already destroyed. Just go look at the picture on Adams’ Instagram defending Derek Carr. To him that wasn’t a friend. That was family.

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