Josh Norman is getting paid more than he produces. Norman made $16.5M in 2017 and didn’t record a single interception:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Washington Redskins wanted to get a top tier cornerback when they inked Josh Norman to a 5 year $75M dollar contract back in 2016. While initially that was seen as a great move you have to wonder if the Redskins are still enthusiastic about having the 30 year old defensive back like they once were? Josh Norman struggled in 2017 and didn’t even record a single interception during the entire year. That has to be a big concern for Jay Gruden and this coaching staff especially when you consider Norman will carry a $22.5M cap hit heading into this upcoming season. It’s surprising that Washington didn’t exercise their contractual out they had this year and part ways with Norman. Now this organization will be on the hook to pay Norman $36.5M over the next three seasons and that isn’t worth it unless the former Panther starts to make some plays. Essentially the Redskins are paying $12M dollars per year for a player who provides $2M or $3M dollar value. There’s no doubt Josh Norman is a very good player but the results simply haven’t been good enough. That money could have been used on a much younger player who is going to be ascending. At this point in Norman’s career he is only going to slow down because of his age and Washington never really got what they deserved when they signed this guy on the dotted line. To be fair to Norman though he did his job by optimizing his value. Norman marketed himself excellently and showed off his contract negotiation skills by refusing to sign his franchise tag in Carolina. All of those decisions led Norman to become one of the highest paid players at his position. Josh Norman should be looked at a success financially because of that but the Redskins have a history of questionable decision making. Whether it was with Albert Haynesworth or Josh Norman Daniel Synder just can’t seem to get it right. Norman will have to play out of his mind once the regular season gets here because he has to redeem himself to this front office a little bit. Still though in hindsight this wasn’t a very good acquisition for the Washington Redskins.

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