Josh Norman wonā€™t be leaving Carolina just yet:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Carolina Panthers werenā€™t going to let Josh Norman leave town this offseason. After speculation whether or not the team and the fourth year cornerback were going to strike a deal The Panthers decided not to press their luck and franchised tagged the Pro Bowl defensive back. Norman was really excelling his fourth year for the Panthers. He finished the year with 4 interceptions and looked outstanding against top tier wide receivers all season long. With Normans skill set still trending upward the Panthers wanted to at least keep him around long enough where the team could negotiate a long term deal. That is why the Panthers decided to franchise tag Norman and also because he was one of their best players in 2015. Behind Luke Kuechly Norman is certainly a leader on the defensive side of the ball for the Panthers. If he would of finished the play on a few of the balls he broke on in the Super Bowl. The Panthers might have had a better shot of winning Super Bowl 50. Still on those plays you could see just how well Josh Norman reacted on the football when the ball was in the air. Showing how truly talented he was playing the cornerback position. Which has often been referred to as one of the toughest positions to play in all of sports. Itā€™s clear that the Panthers didnā€™t want to break up the nucleus of that young defense. That is why the team chose to pay Norman the 13.9 million a year for the franchise tag. With their main cover guy coming back in 2016 the Panthers will now look to add to their 2015 Super Bowl roster. Without having to replace any major losses, this offseason will be key in whether or not the Panthers can make the necessary adjustments andĀ get back to Super Bowl. Keeping Norman around is a very good start.

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