Do the Bears need to get Justin Fields the second coming of Rob Gronkowski?

Author: Jon Kuzma


This is what the Bears should do. They need to trade down with the first overall pick. Then they need to stay right in their backyard and go get Michael Mayer out of Notre Dame. I said Nick Bosa was the only player I’ve ever compared to J.J Watt when he was coming out of the draft. Now I’m going the opposite side of the ball. Michael Mayer is the only player I’ve ever compared to Rob Gronkowski. If the Bears take him with their top pick in the draft (after trading down). It will completely change the trajectory of their offense. Because Mayer can be a foundational piece for the next decade. You know a Notre Dame kid is anxious to get called up to the big leagues with the Bears. That’s too good to pass on if I’m the Bears. Mayer would open things up like the Red Sea parting.

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