What’s the one thing that makes Justin Herbert special? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


What’s the one thing that makes Justin Herbert special? It’s the arm talent. Yes it’s that football term that a lot of fans hate. But if you don’t believe in arm talent. Then you’ve never watched Justin Herbert play. The Chargers had so many plays that were over twenty yards. Because Herbert can stand back in the pocket and uncork his throws. Those big plays have energized the Chargers offense. And you’ll also notice that Herbert does this little half rollout. He doesn’t get all the way to the sideline. He just rolls out five yards or so. What Herbert is doing on those plays. Is he’s making the defense adjust on the fly. Then he’s taking advantage of the windows that it opens up. And since Herbert rarely misses on his throws. It’s all a perfect storm for success in the National Football League. But make no mistake about it. It’s the arm talent that makes it all work.

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