Should we look at Justin Herbert differently after a gutsy year?

Author: Jon Kuzma


When you hear about Justin Herbert. What’s the one thing you always hear about? It’s how athletically gifted he is. It’s the big arm that Herbert has or how he can make any throw on the field. But this year those things aren’t the reason we should respect Herbert. This year Herbert won us over with his toughness. Think about all of the injuries the Chargers had. Think about when Herbert broke his rib cartilage and decided to play through it. The stats don’t jump out at you this year. He even struggled a little bit going head-to-head with Nick Foles. But man this was a gutsy year from Justin Herbert. Now when the rest of the players in that huddle look at him. They know he’s all in. I think that will be huge for Justin Herbert in the future.

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