Keenan Allen is a player everyone should keep their eye on this season. The Chargers receiver is going to bring a ton of big plays to the table:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Keenan Allen really made a name for himself last season when he recorded 1,393 yards and 6 touchdowns. Yea the production is nice but itā€™s Allenā€™s craft that makes him such a special player. This guy only ran a 4.71 40 yard dash which is slower than most of the other elite receivers. However Keenan Allen is so smooth from a route running standpoint that he can rival just about anyone at his position. A lot of that is also because Philip Rivers and Allen have ironed out all the wrinkles when comes to their rhythm and timing. Between the route running and the connection both those players have itā€™s become a field day for Allen every time the Chargers line up. One thing that really stands out is Allenā€™s hands. It seems like this guy never drops a pass and thatā€™s so huge when youā€™re trying to play in the NFL. Even when Keenan Allen was contested and had to show off his extension to grab a pass he still would finish those plays with a catch. The consistency is what people have to marvel at. Whether itā€™s getting open or always making the tough snag it just shows Keenan Allen is a gamer. Then the last thing you have to be aware of if you line up across from number 13 for LA is his success in the yards after catch category. Keenan Allen can flat out make defenders miss. On one play against the Dallas Cowboys Allen shook four defensive players and took it to the house for a score. Those are the highlights that stand out to the Chargers coaching staff and itā€™s also why they are so committed to getting Allen involved. Just plug in the film and watch Keenan Allen play and youā€™ll be amazed. Heā€™s the receiver who is wearing long sleeves in 90 degree Los Angeles weather but for whatever reason it works out for him.

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Keenan Allen has been all business lately. The Chargers receiver is geared up and ready to this season.

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