Khalil Mack is a brick wall defender. Mack can do just about anything on a football field:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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After four professional seasons itā€™s become overwhelmingly obvious that Khalil Mack is one of the top defenders in the league. Mack has recorded three straight seasons of over 10 sacks and heā€™s consistently been a force when it comes to sacking opposing quarterbacks. The NFL is such a pass heavy league that having an edge rusher like Mack is the perfect counter for players like Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, etc. The key for Mack is disrupting the rhythm and timing of the offenses the Raiders go against. Which is exactly what the former University of Buffalo alum has done over the duration of his career. With Jon Gruden coming to Oakland heā€™ll have to find a way to motivate Mack and get the most out of his elite talent. Mack can easily be a 15 sacks a year guy because his natural abilities are so much better than everyone else’s. By putting Khalil Mack in positions to succeed Gruden can optimize his output and keep other teams on their heels. Another blessing for Mack is he has recently been offered a huge contract extension with Oakland just a week ago. So the Raiders want him in the fold for the long term and Mack will be compensated well if he does choose to sign that deal. The early reports are Mackā€™s salary will rival Von Millerā€™s six year $114.5 million dollar agreement. That makes sense because Miller and Mack have been close production wise with Miller slightly taking the edge. Regardless though Khalil Mack will make a ton of money and heā€™ll get to stay with the team that drafted him. It will be up to Mack to maintain that high level of production that he has be known for since coming into the league back in 2014. Hopefully that can help Oakland get back in the playoffs this upcoming season. The NFL is better off when the Raiders are having success.

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