Kirk Cousins is having the last laugh. The Minnesota Vikings appear to be a playoff contender:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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It was easy to take shots at Kirk Cousins last year. The Minnesota Vikings regressed after handing Cousins a 3-year $82M contract. That wasn’t supposed to happen after going all in on the free agent quarterback but things are completely different this season. Now the Vikings have an 8-3 record and it looks like they’re heading to the playoffs. And Kirk Cousins has been sensational with 21 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Those numbers prove that Cousins has put it altogether and it’s helping this team get better each week.

Because of how much of an impact he’s having we should start seriously considering Cousins for MVP. Especially if Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson cool off the rest of the way. All we can go off of is what we see on the field and it would disgrace the game if we didn’t tell Cousins’ story. It’s amazing because so many people doubted him but Cousins never gave up on himself. You need that when your back is against the wall and now things are going his way. On the field some of the throws we’re seeing from him are also creating opportunities for this offense. Stefon Diggs has also helped with his vertical capabilities and everything is clicking at the moment for Minnesota. Moving forward Mike Zimmer’s team has to iron out any remaining wrinkles because they’re looking at a wildcard spot. If the playoffs started today Minnesota would take on New Orleans. But it also could be a team like Seattle or Dallas so the Vikings have to make sure they’re playing their best football.

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