You know Urban Meyer has thought about trying his luck against the best in the world and the Cleveland Browns job just happens to be open:

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Urban Meyer is stepping down after the Rose Bowl and it will cap off a seven year run as the Ohio State Buckeyes head football coach. Meyer is leaving Columbus for what he’s described as “health reasons” but the community surrounding OSU could be part of the reason Meyer’s is so stressed. There was a lot of people who opposed the legendary coach after how he handled a domestic abuse case involving one of his assistant coaches. To be honest though Meyer himself never had any run ins with the law. This is a man who dedicated his whole entire life to opening doors for his players and he taught athletes life lessons through the sport of football. When you get as high up as Meyer is there will always be people who try to take you down but it’s magnified when people think you’re unethical. In Columbus there was individuals there that were unappreciative of the 54 year old coach’s efforts. Which is why a fresh start could be exactly what he needs to feel reinvigorated. It just so happens that the Cleveland Browns job is available too. Meyer grew up in Ashtabula Ohio which is only one hour away from Cleveland. How could you pass up the opportunity of leading the team you rooted for as a child? Urban Meyer made it clear he felt better about the state of the Buckeyes program and that’s one of the other reasons he’s leaving. Maybe it’s time for the x and os mastermind to save the Browns after their disastrous two year stretch? Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Myles Garrett have already helped the dog pound start to turn the page. Adding Meyer would be like adding nos to a high powered sports car and it’s the perfect time for him to make the leap. Plus if he does have success at the NFL level that’s one thing Nick Saban wasn’t able to do. So there’s a lot of incentive for Urban Meyer to take a crack at the pros.

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Urban Meyer is a legendary football coach and now he needs to go compete against the best in the world (NFL).

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