Kyler Murray intends to enter the NFL draft and prove to the world that he can compete at the highest level:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

There’s nothing like being a quarterback on an NFL team. No position has a greater impact and QBs are often the center of attention. Throw in the fact that they’re also paid very well and you’ll see why Kyler Murray is deciding to go with football over baseball. Yea the MLB is a much safer course of action but it’s still a grind to make it through all of those farm systems. Even though Murray would’ve climbed the ranks quickly there’s still a lot of risk there. On the other hand Murray will probably be selected in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. He’ll receive a big payday from the get go and will competing for a starting job wherever he winds up. Not to mention quarterbacks are protected by the rules these days and that’s why some guys are playing until 40 years old. Now if there’s any limitations to Murray it’s definitely his lack of size. At 5’11” 194 pounds the Sooner signal caller is smaller than Drew Brees is. That didn’t stop this kid from winning the Heisman Trophy this past season though and it’s not like Oklahoma had tiny offensive linemen. What Murray does bring to the table is game changing athleticism. We’re talking about Michael Vick / Lamar Jackson abilities when it comes to extending the play. Defensive backs have a hard time covering for so long and Murray usually ends up connecting with one of his receivers for a huge gain. With some of the other quarterbacks in league using a similar style of play it’s very likely that someone will take a shot on Kyler Murray with one of their top picks. The real challenge will be whether or not he’s going to be able to handle the pressure at the next level? We know from a playmaking standpoint Murray should be fine but does he have the mental and physical toughness to hold up against the elite competition the NFL has? It appears soon we’ll find out.

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Kyler Murray plans to prove to the world that he can have success in the NFL.

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