Kyler Murray should be penalized for not participating in the NFL Combine and Dwayne Haskins’ stock should be on the rise. It’s funny how we lost sight of that:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


With everyone raving about Kyler Murray and the consensus being that Murray will be drafted number 1 overall we have to ask ourselves why? Yea Murray was a Heisman winning quarterback at the University of Oklahoma but how many Heisman winners have completely flopped in the NFL? The answer is far too many to remember and there’s also several other signs that Murray isn’t dependable. He’s had some really bad interviews leading up to the combine and then he chose not to participate in any drill work during that event. The audacity and arrogance of those decisions should be enough to repel some teams but instead the complete opposite is happening.

Everyone seems to be even more behind Murray and the person being cheated by all this is Dwayne Haskins. A lot of scouts are making a big deal because Haskins ran a slow 40 yard dash but you have to remember he’s a pocket passer. Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Jared Goff are all slow players but they throw the football exceptionally well. Haskins is the same way and the fact that he went to Indianapolis (combine) and showed off some serious throw power in the drill work should have elevated his stock. To some degree even participating in that whole process shows Haskins is a better leader. If somebody was trying to get a job at Walmart and they didn’t give any effort in their interview they wouldn’t get hired. Why should Murray be any different? Something is starting to feel off about the Oklahoma prospect (Murray) and that’s before we take in consideration all of his red flags (undersized, scrambler who is prone to injury, etc.). NFL teams are getting caught up in the social media hype but Haskins is the guy who is going to have the last laugh in the end. All this means is he’ll end up going to better team if he slides further down the draft board.

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People have lost sight of the fact that Dwayne Haskins did everything he should at the NFL Combine and Kyler Murray didn’t.

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