Labeling Urban Meyer as a bad person is the wrong narrative:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Urban Meyer isn’t a bad person. There might be skeptics that will tell you otherwise. But that would overlook all of the people he helped throughout his coaching career that’s lasted three decades. People that Meyer put his time and energy into developing. Let’s also not forget that Aaron Hernandez wasn’t spiraling out of control when he played for Meyer at Florida. At least not like he was in New England. Dwayne Haskins was also doing better when he was playing for the Buckeyes. So we can’t sit here and let the actions of Meyer’s assistant coach define his legacy. It’s an easy whirlpool to get sucked into because fans are competitive and might not like Meyer. However there are consequences when people throw around half truths about Meyer’s character. That’s unfair and a complete misrepresentation of what Meyer has stood for. Because he had to go through that. It makes you want to root for him with the Jaguars.

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