Lamar Jackson was the best player in week one. The Baltimore Ravens have a bright future if Jackson can keep playing like he’s the future M.V.P:

Photo credit: Michael Reaves / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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It’s only one game so we shouldn’t overreact that much and Baltimore did play the Miami Dolphins who plan on tanking in 2019. However what Lamar Jackson was able to do in the Ravens first regular season game is the biggest story in our sport right now. Jackson aired it out for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns proving to the world how far he’s come as a passer.

This wasn’t the same player who was under fire for struggling in the playoff game against the Chargers 9 months ago. Instead Jackson was poised in the pocket and he got a lot of help from two of his rookie receivers. Hollywood Brown stole the show by consistently beating the Dolphins deep and stretching the field vertically. Brown and Jackson connected for 2 touchdowns and they’re just getting started. Miles Boykin also caught a touchdown and Baltimore looks much better than they have the past couple of years because they have more speed on offense. Jackson took advantage of the additional weapons around him and now the Ravens look like they could repeat in this division (AFC North). At the end of the day Jackson is the key in how far this football team can go? It couldn’t have gone any better against Miami and it’s a good sign for the things to come. The stats don’t lie Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in the NFL at the moment.

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The Ravens have a bright future if Lamar Jackson keeps lighting it up.

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