Does Lamar Jackson have to improve as a passer? Absolutely but he takes ownership of his shortcomings and at the end of the day he’s a winner:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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You have to praise Lamar Jackson’s maturity. He isn’t running from any of his weaknesses and instead he admitted that he has to get better at throwing the football. It takes a lot of self awareness to confess that things aren’t where they need to be at and Jackson is making strides as a leader by owning up to his flaws.

This is where we’re at after a few Ravens OTAs and believe it or not it’s a good sign for this ball club. Jackson’s realistic approach is much better than false bravado and it shows he’s committed to being great. You also have to remember he’s only in his second year. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are future Hall of Famers because they’ve had plenty of time to develop. Now it’ll be tough for Jackson to climb into that upper echelon class of QBs but it’s not entirely impossible. There’s are reason this guy lit it up as a rookie and helped Baltimore make it to the playoffs. Lamar Jackson is a game changer and there isn’t any other way around it. He gets the job done in an entirely different way than Brady or Brees but that’s perfectly fine. Most of the time you don’t want a scrambler who is susceptible to big hits. However Jackson is cut from a different cloth and his athleticism is so far beyond the other players on the field that it works for him. Keep in mind the Ravens also picked up Mark Ingram so their running game is going to be much better. Oh yea by the way this team already had the 2nd ranked rushing attacking in the league and it’s because Jackson had 695 rushing yards all by himself. He’s just so hard to contain and it seems like the former Heisman winner always outruns the defensive ends’ pursuit. When Jackson turns the corner look out because he’s dangerous in the open field.

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At the end of the day Lamar Jackson is a winner and he’s takes ownership of all of his shortcomings.

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