Landon Collins should put on 10 pounds, switch to weakside linebacker, and reinvent himself. A move that would clearly play to his strengths:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


With the New York Giants choosing not to franchise tag Landon Collins itā€™s a move that isnā€™t too surprising. While Collins is one of the better safeties in the league when heā€™s on. Thereā€™s no doubt that he does struggle at times from a coverage standpoint. Apparently Dave Gettleman thought that was too much of a liability and it makes you wonder why Collins doesnā€™t just switch to a linebacker spot? After averaging 109 tackles per season over his first four years it just makes sense for a guy who is exceptional at stopping the run. Not only would this change significantly cut down on Collins’ coverage responsibilities. It lets him play in the box full-time which is where he wants to be anyway. It’s definitely a risk to change positions but his stats could end skyrocketing with less space between him and the offense. Obviously Collins will have to play in a 4-3 scheme but thereā€™s a number of teams out there that could use his help. The Falcons, Raiders, and Buccaneers are all a match and Collins could probably start right away. Now if thereā€™s any reason why the veteran defender would oppose changing positions itā€™s probably because heā€™ll take less punishment as a safety. However teams are starting to realize that Collins is susceptible to the pass and eventually thatā€™s going to deplete his value. It doesnā€™t make sense to let it get to that point and the fans would be intrigued by such a high profile player transitioning to a different spot on the field. The good news is if things donā€™t work out he can always switch back to safety. You have to believe some coach has already ran it by Collins but for whatever reason it hasnā€™t happened yet. Maybe it never will but itā€™s definitely something he should consider to provide more of an impact for whoever signs him.

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A move to weakside linebacker is a move that would make sense for Landon Collins.

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