Were the Saints too good to pass up for Jarvis Landry? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


It’s funny because twenty-four hours ago it felt like the Ravens were close to landing Jarvis Landry. But that’s how fast things can change in the NFL. Ultimately Landry felt like the Saints were too good to pass up. And that’s probably because it was the chance to go back home to Louisiana. Saints fans were hoping Jarvis Landry would be next. After the Saints signed Tyrann Mathieu a week ago. So to have all of these different pieces of the puzzle starting to come together. You have to really like the direction the Saints are going in. It seems like every week there’s another big time athlete walking through the door. From Chris Olave, Tyrann Mathieu, and now with Jarvis Landry. That’s three great players plugged into a nine win football team. So things are definitely getting interesting in New Orleans.

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