Las Vegas is looking more and more like the Raiders next home:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Raiders proved today they are serious about relocating to Las Vegas and owner Mark Davis is willing to put his money behind the offer. Davis stated that he would contribute $500 million dollars towards building a stadium in Las Vegas and those funds show Davisā€™s commitment to the project. The Raiders had their rent raised from $925,000 to $3.5 million a year at the Oakland Coliseum. That move is cutting in to the Raiders profits and that move is pushing the Raiders and Oakland apart when it comes to securing a long term deal. However you canā€™t blame Oakland when the Raiders made it clear that they wanted to be in Los Angles. So you have both sides of the equation that damaged that relationship, and on top of that the bottom line is the Raiders want to tap into a new market and maximize profits. That was the motive of wanting to move to Los Angles and that is the motive for them now wanting to move to Las Vegas. Building a new stadium and relocating the football team would bring a lot of hype and publicity which would bolster sales. Now that the Raiders have a competitive team on the field as well, a move would really cash in for the Raiders organization and Mark Davis. That is why we have seen such a strong push from the Raiders to head to Nevada and why the deal continues to materialize a little bit more each day. The Raiders have the option to stay in Oakland until at least 2018 and the organization hopes when that when the time comes they have a home instead of finding themselves in similar situation like they are in now. All signs point to Las Vegas being that landing spot and donā€™t be surprised if a deal is struck for the Raiders.

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