Leonard Floyd had 7 sacks in his first pro season but concussions have been a problem for the outside linebacker:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Leonard Floyd is an outstanding pass rusher for the Chicago Bears. Floyd was drafted 9th overall by the Bears in the 2016 NFL Draft and Floyd repaid the Bears by recording a ton of sacks for a first year player. That output should have Chicago fans ecstatic about Floydā€™s future but there are some medical concerns swirling around the former Georgia Bulldog. Floyd suffered two concussions during his rookie season and the second concussion took the Bears linebacker nearly two months to recovery from mentally. Another concussion would put Floydā€™s career in serious doubt because at some point you have to weigh the options between football and a healthy life. This is an issue that the whole entire league is dealing with right now and so many past players have been crippled by long term mental effects. If Floyd wants to continue his playing career he has to find a way to keep his head protected and he should also seriously consider going to see a neurologist to evaluate the current condition of his brain. If that doctor determines that Floyd should sit out half the season or the whole 2017 season to properly heal. That should definitely be a recommendation that Floyd should listen to especially since his first two head injuries had some lingering effects. Look we all want to see Leonard Floyd on the field and producing big time results. The fact is though, we need to be conscious about the long term effects football can have on the body. If Floyd should weigh his options and decide he ultimately wants to go with the gladiator approach and keep playing. At least we know that he has done his research and really assessed the situation. We all have tough choices to make in life and you canā€™t blame a guy for choosing to follow his dreams. On the opposite side of the argument if Leonard Floyd chooses to walk away from the game forever because he wants to salvage a healthy life. You canā€™t blame him for that choice either, we all have our own path to walk in life.

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