LeSean McCoy is entering his final season with the Buffalo Bills and he needs to increase his value with free agency around the corner:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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LeSean McCoy is getting a little bit older but that doesnā€™t mean he canā€™t play at a high level. Even though Shady had a career low with 514 yards in 2018. He only started in 13 games a year ago because of thigh, chest, and head injuries. With an upgraded offensive line and better wide receivers Buffalo should be able to keep defenses on their heels this season. Which means McCoy wonā€™t have to take on all that responsibility by himself anymore and hopefully that will keep him healthy for all 17 weeks. To be honest LeSean McCoy needs to perform well if he wants to cash in during free agency. Weā€™re not sure if a team will pay him a long term contract but the value of that deal is still dependent on the results he produces in his last stint in Buffalo. By putting up 1,000 yards McCoy can showcase his talents and let potential employers know that thereā€™s still some gas left in the tank. Millions of dollars are at stake and if the veteran ball carrier lights it up then better teams will reach out to him. Ultimately that could be the difference between getting an offer from someone like one of the Los Angeles teams or winding up with one of the doormat franchises (Cincinnati or Arizona?). You know location also means a lot to these players so LeSean McCoy has quite a bit riding on the line. Another poor season could actually lead to his retirement because it’s unlikely he’ll want to take a low ball offer.

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LeSean McCoy is heading into his final season with the Buffalo Bills.

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