Let it fly Ryan Mallett

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Photo credit: Brian Clark

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Houston Texans finally made the right move going with Ryan Mallett as their starting quarterback. Mallett who is in his fifth year of pro football action was beat out for the starting job by Brian Hoyer. The situation was documented on the show Hard Knocks and it was clear in Mallet’s reaction that he wasn’t happy about coach O’Brien’s decision. Mallett even would miss the next day of practice after Hoyer was announced the starter making us feel like a complete meltdown was on the horizon for Mallett. Well it’s funny how fast things can change. Mallett since then has played well in his limited role and actually has been promoted to the starting quarterback job. Coach O’Brien stated that “Mallet provided a spark for the offense” when he got a chance to play. It became unavoidable for coach O’Brien not to admit that Mallett was the better option for the Texans offense. With the team already falling to 0-1 on the season there was little time for this team to wait for Hoyer to come around for this offense. While Hoyer is a good player, Mallet’s physical tools are a better fit for NFL success as a quarterback. Mallett is 6’6 and that allows him to see over NFL offensive lineman better than Hoyer can. His release is also from a higher point which allows less balls to get batted down, and it easier for him to make throws across the middle. While Hoyer has some better characteristics as far as leadership goes. The more talented of the two players was always Mallett. It’s good to see the right guy finally win the job. This is a league where the guy who wins more for his team should get the job. At the end of the day that guy is Ryan Mallett for the Houston Texans.




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